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How to buy a "Business Phone System in Dallas"?

Your “business phone system in Dallas” will be one of the most important purchases you make for your office. It is also one of the most important elements of your business, after all your business phone system is the first impression you give to your prospective clients. It is the easiest way to reach customers, clients and partners, and it should be easy for your customers to reach you over the phone too.

Consider your "Business Phone Systems in Dallas" Needs

When you decide to buy one of the many business phone systems in Dallas, then you need to consider many different factors. You should analyze the phones current abilities and consider where you plan on taking your company in the next five years, and whether that phone will cover those needs for that period of time.

Be sure the “business phone system in Dallas, you are thinking about buying will be compatible with equipment you already have or includes features that you need and want like, voicemail, messaging on hold, headsets, conferencing equipment, etc.

To do this efficiently, you should sit down and list the features you want on the phone and what features you can live without. This will help us in determining what your budget range is and helping you get the most phone for your money.

Getting all of those features in a cost efficient phone system can be a bit difficult, but we at Interwest communications can help with your business phone systems in Dallas .needs.

Types of “business phone systems in Dallas TX”

Generally speaking there are two different types of phone systems: Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems and KSU phone systems. They type of phone system you decide on will depend on your budget, the number of extensions you need and the different features you may require.

The PBX Phone System

This phone system is made for companies that have over 50 employees or when you require a lot of functions from your Dallas based phone system. PBX systems used to be known as huge telecomm systems for large companies, but things have changed and technology has advanced, which means systems that used to take up a whole room can now fit on a single desk.

The Key Phone System

When you are a really small business with between 5 to 40 employees then key telephone systems are a better choice. These types of “business phone systems in Dallas TX” use a central device known as the key system unit or KSU and offers features that are not available with ordinary phones. Features include the ability to call other extensions within the same phone system, avoids picking up lines that are being used by other members of the office, and many other features that a business needs. This type of business telephone system is a little less flexible than the PBX systems but still very useful for the small business.

Whichever phone system you are thinking about purchasing, you should seriously think about the features you would like your phone system to have. Be sure you look at phone systems that will give you at least a 5 year growth plan.

Both the PBX and the Key phone systems will require both installation and maintenance procedures and costs, so you need to factor those costs into your business phone system budget.

Above all don’t feel overwhelmed we at Interwest Communications can help you choose the right phone at the right cost for your business need.

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