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Iwatsu DFW Small Business Phone

The Iwatsu DFW Business Phone System

Iwatsu a leader in SIP Technology has come far since its inception. The Iwatsu business phone system is known for its SIP based Voip system. This is a platform consisting of a VoIP SIP  call control server and their key telephones. These sisptems offer quality superior IP voice quality without the echo of other phone systems.


This type of small business phone system in Dallas means $ in the pockets of many small business owners. The proximity of Dallas to other countries means that a lot of international business deals take place right here, and small business owners that deal with international countries up till now have had to spend a fortune on phone calls.

By using the Iwatsu system, they have been able to cut down on this expense. Many are choosing their DFW phone system as an Iwatsu because of its great VoIP capabilities.

The DFW Iwatsu phone systems come in wireless PHS handsets which provide excellent voice functionality and this type of DFW business phone integrates other third party software too.

This is the high tech DFW business phone of the future. The server supports up to 1,000 terminals which can be placed in any location, even in other offices and is priced at aprox. $500 per phone unit when configured into the server.


If you are a small business and would like VoIP service but in a quality comparable to any other business phone then the Dallas Iwatsu phone system is the phone system for you.


We at Interwest Communications have specialized in Iwatsu phone systems since their availability on the market and we can truly recommend this phone system as the next generation in phone systems for the small business phone owner. If you are looking form a :DFW small business phone with capabilities like the large corporate phones then this is the phone system for you.


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