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Iwatzu VoIP Phone Systems

DFW Iwatzu Phone Systems are Right


Iwatsu the communications provider has come  up with two great additions to their iwatzu VoIP systems. The first is called the Iwatzu VoIP Platinum Series IP softphone and the other is Counterpoint Solutions eyBeam Video SIP softphone. These are the newest developments made by iwatzu VoIP and soon to be available to coustomers  interestedn in DFW iwatsu VoIP services.

These new products let users connect to evey more network features like iwatzu VoIP video conferencing. These softphones can connetct to the Iwatsu communication server through their QuadFusion Technology. This will let the different softphone technologies connect to the enterprise 2.0 without the use of external servers. In fact the the iwatzu VoIP is controlled through the desktop.

Iwatsu Voice Networks (IVN), a provider of voice processing solutions, has announced the support of two new communication tools. Iwatsu's Platinum Series IP Softphone and Counterpoint Solutions's eyeBeam Video SIP Softphone are the two latest developments in the world of PC-based communications. These new cost-effective clients connect users to network features -- even videoconferencing capabilities -- through simple interfaces on a PC or laptop.

These two new Iwatsu phones are the latest in new iwatsu technology and soon to be available in the DFW iwatsu VoIP service industry. They offer true multimedia capability with the use of any PC or laptop, and can be used from any location.  This may be the solution for many small businesses who need video conferencing capability.

This could be a great new addition for the small to mid sized businesses in the Dallas Fort worth area. So if you are looking for great communications equipment contact us at interest communications and get your

DFW IwatsuVoIP phone phone service installed quickly and efficiently.


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